Caskan IT-Security

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Analysis and Hacking

Penetration tests

In a pen test, an attack on your systems is simulated.

This means we find the vulnerabilities that hackers would exploit to get in and harm you.

We go very thorough with black, gray and white box tests to the extent desired and show you where you can improve.

In order to maximize the value of the pentest, automatic tools are only used as a support. Mainly, as in reality, attempts are made manually using special methods to penetrate your company network and thus uncover the real vulnerabilities.

Phishing- Campaigns

Phishing campaigns are simulated cyber attacks in which we attempt to trick your employees into sharing confidential information using fraudulent emails and websites.

Because we carry out these campaigns in a controlled manner, you can:

  • Identify vulnerabilities in your security posture
  • Educate employees about cyber threats and attackers’ approaches
  • Strengthen your defenses against real phishing attacks


Regardless of penetration tests and phishing campaigns, it is profitable to analyze a network or parts of it and identify opportunities for improvement and weak points.

Due to our extensive experience and known best practices, networks and the organization of IT security can be analyzed at different levels and from various perspectives: from network design to guidelines, technology and software used, right up to the firewall rule sets, many aspects can be analyzed and improved.