Caskan IT-Security

More Security - Lower Costs

Zero-Trust-Security Concept

Focus on IT security

“Zero Trust Security Model” is not about “no trust” – it is about knowing what to trust.

With Zero Trust you effectively increase your IT security. You have complete control over user accounts, applications, data and network access. With modern and easy-to-implement technologies, we help you secure your company.

Threats and hacker attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and sophisticated. The Zero Trust approach overcomes outdated ways of thinking about IT security and leads to well-secured IT with a well-structured solution roadmap. This is how you protect yourself cost-effectively.

How do we do that?

With a clearly focused range of offers:

Sit back and let us monitor your security situation.

Identity- and Access- Management:

Management of identities and access to applications easily and clearly.

Network Segmentation:

Firewalls that use artificial intelligence to monitor and regulate data flows and find threats even in encrypted data.

Endpoint Protection:
Next generation protection of your computer and server: Detect modern threats, including zero day exploits!


of the companies report using more than 10 network and application components to add a new external user group to an organization
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of the major remote access incidents used a VPN
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of cyber breaches actually come from authorized users accessing unauthorized systems
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