Caskan IT-Security

Insight, Visibility and Complete Control

Network Segmentation

Zero Trust on the netwok level

  • Do you want to detect hackers on the network before they strike?
  • Would you also like to detect threats in encrypted data streams?
  • Do you want to know which users are communicating with which applications and systems on the network?
  • Do you want to ensure that only certain applications are used?
  • And all of this from just €198.00 per month?

ML-Powered Firewall

Our world-leading firewall systems from Palo Alto Networks provide comprehensive protection and complete network visibility.

They can be used to divide networks into segments that have different security requirements. This allows data traffic between these zones to be monitored.

Their market-leading, sophisticated technologies in application detection, user detection, decryption and inline machine learning enable the highest level of transparency and regulation.

all-round service

We love Palo Alto Networks firewalls! We enjoy configuring, monitoring and constantly adapting them to new circumstances. We would be happy to take care of your systems!

The advantages:

  • no training effort for you,
  • no additional staff,
  • constant monitoring of the systems,
  • Detection of attacks, appropriate countermeasures,
  • always properly maintained, up-to-date equipment,
  • always configured according to best practices,
  • always an experienced contact person for you,
  • cost-effective thanks to a lot of experience and highly efficient workflows


You get the great firewalls and our excellent service at a very affordable price.

The monthly rent is particularly simple:

  • Firewall including licenses: from €99.00
  • our expert service: from €99.00


of IT professionals believe that network segmentation can help prevent server compromises
SANS Institute
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of the companies report using more than 10 network and application components to add a new external user group to an organization
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of the major remote access incidents used a VPN
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