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Concepts and Consulting

IT-Security Concepts

An IT security concept is a strategic document that describes the company’s IT security policy and contains the procedures and procedures with which the company ensures IT security.

The main objectives of an IT security concept are to protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data, ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and prevent or minimize threats or attacks on the IT system.

It also contains various instructions and checklists, for example the data backup concept, the IT emergency plan and agreements with employees.

The IT security concept is a dynamic document that is regularly updated and adapted to changing business needs and security threats.


Many companies have moved some or almost all of their IT to the cloud or operate their own cloud infrastructure. We’re happy to help you provide strategies to help your business secure your cloud-based systems and data.

We evaluate your cloud infrastructure, identify weak points, ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards and recommend security measures.

We are happy to help implement secure cloud architectures, data encryption, access controls, security monitoring tools and incident response plans.

This empowers you to address the unique challenges that cloud environments present, such as: B. in data protection and multi-tenancy and shared responsibility models.


The aim of our awareness training is to increase the awareness and understanding of your employees when dealing with IT with regard to IT security.

We inform you about general IT security risks, threats and countermeasures and then specifically address the situation in the customer’s IT environment.

Various topics are covered by consultation, such as: strong password practices, identifying and dealing with phishing emails, data protection regulations, handling sensitive information, using Wi-Fi, your company’s policies and requirements, and much more.

Conducting regular awareness training helps to strengthen the human component of IT security, often viewed as the weakest link in the security chain, and thus better protect your organization against cyberattacks.