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Identity and Access Management

CASKAN offers affordable and absolutely reliable identity management based on Okta’s solutions

“It doesn’t work” happened yesterday. With Okta’s online-based solutions, everything is possible today when it comes to identity management to open the door to success in mobile working. What old-school IT administrators would have declared to be pure science fiction, we are making standard.

Especially for medium-sized companies, CASKAN provides solutions that offer maximum possibilities without cutting too deeply into the medium-sized budget. Based on the latest solutions from Okta, we enable modern identity management – absolutely secure and completely affordable.

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Your Possibilities

Overview and control

  • simple, clear and automated complete control over all applications and user accounts

Cost savings and efficiency

  • Always have access to the applications you need: from the first day of work, if your area of responsibility changes, at any time
  • See how many application licenses you really need and reduce license costs
  • Relieve the burden on the IT department with rapid application provisioning and fewer password problems
  • Easy integration into the existing IT landscape

More IT security

  • Modern, highly secure registration procedures
  • SSO (Single Sign-On): Sign in once for all applications
  • Secure central control of access to all applications


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A sensible and profitable identity and access management system (IAM) offers you all of these options. You centrally control all user accounts and their access to all your applications.

To do this, you need an IAM that supports as many applications as possible and into which you can integrate all your user accounts and systems.

Okta supports over 7,000 applications and the included Universal Directory lets you centrally manage and automate user accounts from various sources bi-directionally.

Okta integrates into existing IT landscapes with little effort, enabling simple, intuitive, yet secure and comprehensive management of identities and access.


CASKAN is a certified partner of Okta

Okta is the leading provider of identity management for companies of all sizes. The Okta Identity Cloud also enables medium-sized companies to connect the right people with the right technologies and services with absolute security. Thousands of companies worldwide – including many global players – already trust Okta to protect the identities of their customers and employees.

Based on Okta’s solutions, we at CASKAN enable maximum security in all areas relating to employee identity. Each of our customers can rest assured that there will be no compromises when it comes to protecting data and employees wherever they are, and always providing the right tools to automate and fully secure cloud journeys.

Cloud-based access to all resources

Our cloud-based Okta solutions bring your on-premises and cloud applications together in a streamlined portal for all end users to provide seamless remote access from any device. With Okta Workflows technology, you have the power to automate the granting and revoking of permissions across your entire distributed workforce. The simplified license management also helps to significantly reduce license costs.

Work actively during the day – and sleep peacefully at night

That’s exactly what’s possible with Okta: A constantly growing number of employee and customer logins – and still zero problems. How does it work? Here is an overview of the most important features:

  • Secure access for your global workforce – employees, partners and contractors
    They unify access to your cloud and on-premises applications for all users, ensuring that only the right users have access to the resources they actually need, at the right time.
  • Additional layers of security when and where they are needed
    Cybercriminals primarily use stolen credentials for targeted attacks. Adaptive, context-based multi-factor authentication can protect you from this. Based on Okta solutions, you can offer your users a completely secure user experience, without any passwords.
  • Automatic onboarding and offboarding
    Reduce the risk of orphan accounts or latent access with automated offboarding by using your directory (AD, LDAP, etc.) or HR system as your system of record.
  • Zero trust solutions for apps, servers and APIs
    Don’t limit access controls to applications, protect Windows and Linux servers and APIs. This ensures that only the right people have access to the right resources at the right time.

Seamless and secure user access thanks to simple Single Sign-On System (SSO) management

A central control console

SSO management allows you to customize the dashboard so users can quickly access the applications they use most. The dashboard is of course also available securely and flexibly via mobile devices.

Integration of identity stores

Okta's SSO management can connect and synchronize any number of identity stores, including Active Directory, LDAP, human resources management systems, and other third-party identity provider solutions.

Adaptive security policies

With Okta SSO, every IT team can protect users with consistent security policies. Thanks to integrated security tools, malicious login attempts within the network can be automatically identified and blocked.

Forrester recommends Okta

In the current Forrester report, Okta achieved the highest possible score in 14 of the 18 evaluation criteria. Among other things, in the areas of product vision, innovation roadmap, user experience and navigation as well as support for products and services.

“The Okta platform offers a high-quality, secure user experience with self-service access approvals and no-code/low-code approaches like Okta Workflows.”
Forrester Research

If you would like to know how CASKAN IT-Security can achieve a major increase in IT security for your company with Okta’s solutions, you can reach us at or via our contact form. We look forward to seeing you!
Uwe Stanislawski
Certified Cloud Security Professional (ISC)² and managing partner of CASKAN IT-Security GmbH & Co. KG